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Science Of Ice

Since 1971, the National Capital Commission (NCC) has been maintaining the Rideau Canal Skateway, which holds the official Guinness record for the world’s largest naturally frozen ice rink.

The Rideau Canal was first opened for skating after a team of NCC employees armed with brooms and shovels cleared a small section of ice near the National Arts Centre. Over time, the length of the Rideau Canal Skateway grew, as did the NCC’s knowledge about the science of ice.

Science of ice

Today, partnerships with leading ice experts keep the NCC at the leading edge of ice maintenance. This expertise makes for better ice conditions and greater safety for skaters. Ice is a complex material, and scientists have spent decades studying it. Although he has never learned to skate, Dr. Nirmal Sinha, a scientist with the National Research Council Canada, is a world leader in the science of ice. The NCC has relied on his advice to establish ice safety guidelines.

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